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  • EFMC Staff (2016 Group Picture)

    EFMC Staff (2016 Group Picture)

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    Partners Meeting

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    International Collaboration

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    Capacity Building

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    Blood Donation

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HIV Testing and Counselling services
Pregnant women who were tested for HIV and received their results
people newly started on ART
EFMC has trained staffs of several organizations within and outside Nigeria on various areas of…
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EFMC is a systems expert and over the years has built and strengthened the capacity…
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EFMC is a specialist in public health and recently managed a $2,000,000 US Corporative Agreement…
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  • Excellence at all levels of care

    Excellence at all levels of care as well as service provision with the enhancement of appropriate gender, culture and socio-economic services
  • Accessible health care services

    Accessible health care services at different locations and at costs that is affordable.
  • Commonization of HIV/AIDS services

    with provision of care at all levels and in all places where people seek health care services.
  • Equitable health care services

    with full integration of care to discourage provision of vertical services at all levels.
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